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Quality ISO 9001 Consultancy

A turn key intervention aimed at the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with the ISO 9001 “Requirements for Quality Management System”. This standard indicates the necessary requirements for the organizations in order to obtain quality certification.

There are different steps for designing a quality management system. Below mentioned are the main and needful steps and requests to the companies in order to ask for the ISO 9001 certification.

  • Initial analysis through an inspection free of charge in order to establish the requirements of the organization
    The first step is to get to know the company through a checklist where the characteristics of the company are figured out. (the structure, the needs and the internal organization, the management of orders and the customer).
  • Planning of activities and scheduling
    Following up the first step, a work plan of activities that are important to implement is drawn and operated according to the principles established by the standard.
  • Development of the Quality Management Systems
    The third step is to write the structure of working procedures so as to improve the management of the company assets. This is to guarantee control and development of every step.
  • Training courses on issues concerning Quality Management
    Once the Quality Management System is developed, you must inform the staff and get them involved in it, so as to carry out their own work ensuring that they will keep up to the identified procedures and keep all company procedures under constant control.
    At this point the system begins to work out. After a short trial period of implementation of the system, an inspection will be held to verify how the system is applied and if they have found any difficulty using the Quality System as a system to verify the work done. As a result of this audit a short report will be made. Then together with the management a plan will be made to improve and provide goals for each recommended activity.
  • Presence during the visit of Certification Body
    This is the last step requested to organizations for Quality Certification ISO 9001 and it is carried out by an accredited body, external to Frareg. The issuing of certificates requires prior verification carried out by company visits. The compliance of the Quality Management System is released in case of success, according to the requirements of the Certification body.

The customer is given the following documents. You must remember that the quality system documentation is a document which should be operative and be updated continuously since it is an essential part of the work of the company:

    • Quality System Manual
      The Quality Manual is a consultation document which explains how the system was handled and what it is composed of and what the company aims at, in adopting a System of Quality Management.
    • Procedures
      Procedures are the parts that most go into, so called company activities. In fact it is expected that for every important business activity, to develop a procedure that handles it.
    • Operating Instructions
      Instructions are given if the activity of a procedure is too complex. Then an operating command is worked out for the operator how to perform its function and describes step by step what activities are to be done and how to do them.
    • Forms
      Forms are the most interesting part of the Quality System. It is the one that needs to be used daily in order to manage with and keep company operations under control.

For companies which wish to apply for the ISO 9001, Frareg is a competent and qualified partner to obtain quality certification.