Consulting and Training Safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Privacy, Environment and Organizational Models

Consultancy for Accreditation

A turn key consulting intervention to obtain accreditation for training and healthcare services.

  • Customized analysis of expected requirements of the guidelines for management processes
    Each region makes a request for specific requirements to companies that would be accredited. Every region requires to comply with different local standards.
    Through a personalized analysis Frareg will establish what requirements are requested.
  • Definition of the necessary activities to meet the requirements of the system
    During the second stage of the consulting intervention, after carrying out analysis, a program will be drafted in order to promote all those activities required for the company accreditation.
  • Document control
    After working out the program, the documents will be checked together with the one to be produced in order to meet with the accreditation law.
  • Preparation of the needful to obtain accreditation
    The last part of the work consists of preparing all necessary documents which will be presented to the authorized bodies during accreditation.

Different types of documents can be issued to the customer according to his requirements. These can be spotted during the course of analysis.

A list of standard documents to be issued is given below:

    • A report of necessary activities to obtain accreditation
      Document analysis and verification of the client’s current situation by checking the characteristics required for on going accreditation.
    • Work plan
      Next step followed by analysis is to establish a suitable work program for accreditation.
    • Procedures
      Procedures which describe different work stages has to be drafted with the support of the operators who are in charge of those operations.
    • Operating Instructions
      In some cases it is necessary to draft operating instructions that explain specific activities to be carried out, how, where and within what time should they be carried out.
    • Forms
      Support documents which will constantly monitor the work done and the work in progress day by day.