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Funded training

Funded Training: Lighten Your Bill!

Frareg, which has always been attentive to the needs of its customers, has decided to undertake a new project that allows client companies to obtain discounts through training financed with the fonARCom fund.


Frareg, placing itself as leader of a fonARCom Business System, will take care of all the bureaucracy, procedures, presentations of training plans, which alternatively would be managed by the Employer of the client company. Joining the Frareg/fonARCom business system is free and allows companies to access a reserved Frareg price list, obtaining discounts on mandatory courses on occupational safety.


Adherence to an inter-professional fund is made by the Labor Consultant (who physically processes the employee pay slips) by filling in the monthly UNIEMENS. The code to enter to join fonARCom is FARC.

After about twenty days/one month (INPS technical times) the company will be a member of fonARCom. The labor consultant/client company undertakes to send the updated pension fund stating membership of the fonARCom fund to the email address
The company will have to sign the «FonARCom Official Mandate» which links the company to our business system. After signing the document, the company will be able to access the Frareg reserved price list


Joining the Frareg/FonARCom Business System will allow companies to access a dedicated price list for financed training, thus obtaining a discount of around 50% compared to the price list.

Frareg will elaborate an analysis of the training needs of the company in order to submit the best estimate.

Frareg remains available to answer any further doubts and/or questions:
Telephone: P: (+39) 02.6901.0030 Int: 241 Marta Buccarella

Classroom Training

Frareg offers its clients a complete and certified training proposal as well as the possibility of conducting courses throughout the territory and in foreign languages as required. It employs more than 100 trainers with specific skills and diplomas as required by the State Status Agreement.

Frareg performs all his courses on certified standards, is accredited by the Lombardy Region as a training institution for higher and continuing education – as required by the State State Accord – in order to be able to undergo specific training such as training of security actors in the company.