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Fire Consultancy

As requested by art. 5 of Italian Decree of March 10, 1998, with the outcome of the assessment of fire risks, the employer who owns companies over 10 employees, with the exception of activities subject to be controlled by the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade, as expected from Presidential Decree 29/07/82, n. 577, takes necessary organizational and administrative measures to be implemented in case of fire, writing them in an emergency plan.

  • Drafting evacuation plan indicating escape routes, location of fire-fighting devices and guidelines of emergency procedures
    The Italian Decree 10/03/98 provides for companies over 10 employees preparation of the emergency plan and evacuation training drills in case of fire. Emergency plan is drafted considering the structure, type of activity, work shifts, the possible presence of outsiders and the composition of the emergency team.
  • Presentation of the emergency plan to the coordinator, involvement of the emergency team and the workers’ representative for safety
    After preparing emergency plan, it will be then presented to the emergency fire protection team, in order to organize the tasks of each employee and then to get them involved in the activities to be carried out in case of evacuation. The employer will then make all staff understand evacuation procedures and the names of each person involved in the emergency and evacuation team.
  • Organization of the emergency team
  • Support for issuing the Certificate of Fire Prevention
  • Assistance in obtaining Certificates of plants Conformity
  • Support and collaboration with the Fire Department for inspection
  • Programming training for firefighters (low risk – 4 hours; medium risk – 8 hours; high risk – 16 hours)
  • Emergency plan and evacuation
    Document that shows an overview of the structure indicating the areas of the working environments, the worksite layout structural features, the organization of the staff, the location where the rescue tools are placed and all that may come useful for the emergency team to organize their activities in case of evacuation
  • Specific procedures for each employee
    Drafting specific procedures for each employee who is in charge of fire team / evacuation in order to handle emergencies in case of evacuation.
  • Maps with escape exit routes and fire-fighting dislocation
    Herewith enclosed in the Annexe VII of the Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998 point 7.5, requires to install floor plans within the workplace at appropriate and clearly visible points, indicating escape routes, the location of the electrical panel, fire extinguishers and first aid kit.
  • Forms for emergency management