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Microlearning training

Microlearning: training pills for everyone!

Microlearning (or nanolearning) is the term that designs the provision of synthetic and targeted contents transformed into learning training pills (lasting a maximum of 2/3 minutes) for a rapid and effective transfer of knowledge.

Frareg, through its e-learning platform, is able to design customized microlearning campaigns together with its customers.

Each specific project begins with the development of an editorial plan with the definition of educational objects (such as videos, quizzes, …), sending frequency (weekly, monthly, etc …), recipient target (all employees or specific groups), total duration of the project and method of transmission (email or sms).

Once the company project has been defined, the employee will receive (via email or text message) links at the established frequencies that will allow him to access with a simple click (and without further need to authenticate) the contents processed directly from his own device (smartphone, tablet , pc.).

Although no authentication is required by the recipient, the smart links sent allow our platform to track the activities of each individual employee: number of video views, quiz score, etc.; this allows for the preparation of periodic reports and their transmission to the company contact person.

Why choose this new service?
– The short duration of the videos or quizzes sent makes the service dynamic as opposed to traditional long training sessions; more closely match current communication trends
– The short duration of each single message is compensated by the medium-long duration of the campaign and the repetitiveness allowing for greater teaching effectiveness
– Access is fast and immediate for employees: no registration and entry of credentials by workers will be necessary
– an innovative training method: the sum of many small videos can constitute a total of hours capable of justifying a training update or an information activity.
– an excellent tool to sensitize workers on specific focuses.

Microlearning therefore presents itself as an advanced tool in the world of training, capable of teaching the fundamental concepts for every type of worker!