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Occupational Medicine: Company Consulting

Art. 18 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 81/08 states that it is one of the duties of the employer and as well of the manager to appoint an occupational doctor whose duty is to handle health surveillance where applicable.

Our intervention as consultants in occupational medicine includes:  
    • Outsourced Occupational Medicine
      Frareg provides occupational medicine service through expert doctors, according to art. 38 of Italian Legislative Decree 81/08. Our back-office will coordinate, monitor and sustain activities.
      The work of the Occupational Doctors will then be coordinated directly from Frareg through the assistance of the back office and with a web-based management program where the company will be able to check its updated situation.
    • Annual Inspection
      According to art. 25 paragraph 1 letter l) the Occupation Doctor will carry out the site inspection of the workplace at least once a year, to assess the working conditions.
    • Inspection report
      Following the site inspection, the Occupational Doctor will take care of writing a report, highlighting any flaw or difficult situations. This will then be put across to Health & Safety Manager.
    • Annual Safety Meeting
      For companies or production units with more than 15 workers, as required by Article 35 paragraph 1 the employer must hold a meeting at least once a year, in which the Health and Safety Manager (RSPP), the representative of the workers (RLS) and the Occupational Doctor (MC) should take part.
    • Drafting and management of Health surveillance plan
      According to Art. 25, the Occupational Doctor will have to draw up the Health Plan, developed in accordance with the results of the risk assessment.
    • Compilation of medical records
      The occupational doctor will create a health and risk record for each worker who underwent health surveillance. Records have to update and safeguarded.
    • Issuing certificate of medical fitness
      Following up medical visits, the occupational doctor will issue a copy of certificate for medical fitness, keeping a copy in the medical record, giving a copy to the worker and another by forwarding to the employer.
    • Specialist visits
      After the check up and according to the type of work done, the company doctor will be able to decide and prescribe specialist visits (Electrocardiogram, spirometry, audiometry, x-rays, etc.)
    • Drug and alcohol tests
      As expected by art.41 paragraph 4, the occupational doctor will decide who have to undergo drug and alcohol tests.
    • Laboratory tests
      Frareg will deal with the management of specific tests and laboratory tests (blood and urine).
    • Documents delivered to Customers
    • Health Protocol
      The Occupational Doctor will annually draft a healthcare plan where the company’s needs are taken into consideration.Therefore accordingly the employees will undergo medical tests.
    • Medical Records
      The Occupational Doctor will be responsible for preparing and safeguarding employees’ medical records (in companies over 15 employees the filing cabinet will be decided together with the employer).
    • Certificates of Health fitness
      After the medical test, the employee will be issued a certificate of eligibility/fitness (or non-suitability or partial fitness).
    • Minutes of Meeting and site visit
      Following up the regular meeting, the doctor will write a report.

For companies looking for occupational health services, Frareg is a qualified and professional expert.