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HACCP Consultancy

The owner or the person in charge of a food company must set up a plan of self-control where HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) system is explained.

This system is applied by an analysis of the flowchart with the identification of risks and CCP, the critical control points. The manual of self control will consist of several sections : in fact equipments, environments and production processes will be assessed.
The document must also contain information in order to prevent and solve hazards on foodstuff at each stage of the production process.

Our consulting service as HACCP experts consists of:

    • Inspection on workplaces
      For drafting a manual of self-control it is necessary to check the places where food is prepared, cooked, distributed preserved or packed.
    • Assessment of Potential Risks on food from biological, chemical and physical origin
      During our inspection all possible risks related to different sources of danger will be analyzed : Environment, people, any chemical substance and risks connected to its preparation and distribution.
    • Identification of points where risks may occur
      Following up inspection and having figured out potential risks, the critical phases will be highlighted, the points where there may be potential risks associated with food.
    • Determination of the risk control actions and corrective actions
      Following up the above mentioned phase, actions will be defined in order to control those critical points of the processing.
    • Determination of the number and the type of analysis
      Following up the analysis carried out during the inspection, it will be defined whether or not to carry out regular analysis to be implemented on tools, raw materials or final product.
    • Assessment of the workplace, equipments and tools used; assessment of food supply management
      An overall assessment will be carried out following up the analysis of process methods, storage of raw materials or of finished or semifinished foodstuff, regarding preparation and feeding. Then accordingly, procedures will be written to keep critical points of the production under control.
  • HACCP self-control Manual
    Following up the assessment, a manual of management and self-control will be given to the customer; critical issues found will be highlighted. They have to be monitored constantly.
  • Procedures, control logs, monitoring files
    The Manual will contain an operational part: in fact there will be procedures together with recording sheets which will complete the manual. This is a dynamic tool, which must be completed periodically and will be used by the person in charge of HACCP who will constantly monitor all critical aspects highlighted during the course of assessment. The self-monitoring system is a must for all operators whatever kind of work they do in food production.
    HACCP is a method applied in self-control, rational and organized. The HACCP system is an tool intended to help workers involved in it. For companies operating in food industry, Frareg represents a qualified and professional HACCP expert.