Consulting and Training Safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Privacy, Environment and Organizational Models

Training in the Company

Benefits of company training

Training, designed for you and delivered directly to you, or at our facility, gives you many benefits:

  • customizing the content according to the business activity and the typology of the participants
  • respect for corporate style
  • Possibility to intervene with internal teachers
  • savings (less entry fees and logistics savings)


The design experience of our Training Area coupled with the expertise of our teachers, all consultants and specialists in their specific field, allows us to plan for you courses on the following topics:

  • Safety and Hygiene at Work
  • Prevention and Protection Service Officers, Representatives for Safety of Workers, Fire Prevention for the Emergency Team, Emergency Response Officers, Coordinator under design and construction, HACCP, Waste Management
  • Quality Certification Introduction to the Quality System in accordance with ISO 9000, Approach to the implementation of ISO 14000 environmental certification standards. Deepening the application of ISO 9000 standards
  • Privacy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Organizational Models


The world of training is in continuous and rapid evolution; In this context, methodological innovation is of fundamental importance. This continuous evolution of the organizational management system of companies imposes on companies in the field of training to innovate at every level, but especially at the methodological level. Innovation in the methodology used by Frafor for training courses is revealed through:

Identification of needs – design

The design of the training service is implemented with the client: from the analysis of the training needs and the reality of the company our training courses are born, always attentive to the specific needs of the single user; Courses are as practical as possible and alternate study cases, simulations, videotapes, filming.


The provision of specific training courses is carried out in such a way as to meet the basic requirements of the general organization, logistics, choice and support for faculty, the use of training materials made with current tools. Courses can be delivered remotely in e-learning mode.


The training service assessment methodologies are very strict in order not to derogate from the rules of continuous improvement, Frafor’s main objective. We evaluate both the skills of our teachers, before, during and after the course, and the content of the lectures, through informative inquiries with the participants in the courses. Feedback can be provided to your direction.

The Frafor teachers respect all the “Frafor Quality Chart” and are evaluated with fixed deadlines.