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Preparation of the risk assessment document

Risk Assessment Document of the company includes a set of duties which the employer has to keep up to.

These obligations lead to the implementation of certain documents suitable for analyzing the actual situation and point out its weak points which will then be reviewed and taken into consideration so that either cut out or reduce the highlighted risk.

Frareg provides companies with a qualified and updated consulting service so that the document of risk assessment can be prepared in order to protect the quality of each workplace environment and enhance safety levels.

Drafting the risk assessment document which includes three different analysis:

  • analysis of worksites: A part of the document describes the assessment of risks of Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/08 found inside the building and within the workplace environments.
  • Job analysis: A second part of the document provides the risk assessment of individual task of the workers, where problems connected to already carried out activity will be highlighted.
  • Analysis of documents: The third part of the risk assessment document provides an analysis of the mandatory documentation which must be saved and held at the headquarters.

Our inspection is done with the help of a check-up list which allows the following assessment of workplace risks:

  • Accident prevention: Following up the initial analysis, all aspects connected to accident prevention will be assessed (need for training courses / information, personal protection equipment etc).
  • Hygiene and workplace: Problems found in the workplace environment will be assessed.
  • Fire protection: There will be a risk assessment on fire protection system (fire extinguishers, hydrants, signs, emergency lighting, first aid kit, etc.).
  • chemical: A risk assessment document will be drawn up on selected chemical products used in the company and analyzing technical data sheets of the products used.
  • Risk assessment document 81/08: will be issued as required by Article 28 of the Italian Legislative Decree 81/08.
  • intervention program: The risk assessment document will include all the parts stated above, including a part where the critical points will be pointed out, besides a part where priorities and times of intervention are defined.
  • training program: Following up the risk assessment and the problems encountered, a document will be written committed to training, where the priority for an intervention will be expected, requirements for any training course or information can be arranged.
  • forms defining Safety System: The customer will be given a document in order to help him manage with the Safety System in the company, together with some forms to be filled in. He can point out the defects found during analysis if there is any.
  • technical evaluation files of individual tasks: Following up the analysis of individual task, the assessment of workers’ tasks will be added to the document of risk assessment.