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Safety ISO 45001 Consultancy

Turn key Consultancy Intervention that aims at implementing a Management of Safety System at Work, in compliance with the ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). This standard indicates what are the requirements to be respected by companies to obtain certification of occupational safety.

To implement a system of Safety Management at work place requires action at different stages.

Accordingly we will show the main steps that are necessary and which are required for companies in order to request the ISO 45001 certification.

The first step is a step to get to know the company. Then through a checklist characteristics of the company, the structure, the needs and the internal organization and the initial management of Safety at Work are explained.

The second step is to draw up a work plan of activities which are considered important to implement and operate under the principles established by the standard.

The third step is to write the work procedures to better manage all those business activities to ensure every stage of development and control activities related to Safety at work.

Once the workplace Safety Management is worked through, all the staff members should be well informed in order to get them involved in it. This way they have to guarantee that they carry out their duty within the guidelines of the procedures, to control all company procedures continuously.

At this point the system will be put into practice. After trying it for a short period, an inspection will be held to verify how the system is applied. Moreover if they came across any difficulty applying the Management System as the system of inspection of the work done. Then as a result of this review, there will be a short report and a plan will be made together with the management to improve and provide goals for each proposed activity.

This is the last step requested to companies for certification of Occupational Safety ISO 45001 and it is carried out by an accredited body, not from Frareg. The certificate will be released after the audit carried out in the company. The certificate of compliance according to Safety Management Systems is released in case of positive outcome compared to the requirements requested by the standard.

The customer is given the following documents. Please remember documents regarding the Safety at Work, is a document which should be used and updated constantly as it is an integral part of the work of the company.

  • Management System Manual
    The Manual is a consultation document which explains the user how the system was handled, what it is made of and what are the company aims adopting an Occupational Safety Management System.
  • Procedures
    The procedures are the most important part with detailed descriptions in the function of a firm.
  • Operating Instructions
    The Operating Instructions are set up if the activity of a procedure is too complex: then in order to help the operator to carry out its function, an operating instruction is defined. This describes what the activities are and how they should be done step by step.
  • Forms
    Forms are the most used tools of Management Systems: they are the ones to be applied daily in order to manage and control the activities related to Safety at Work.

For companies wishing to apply for ISO 45001 certification, Frareg is an expert and qualified partner for certification of Safety at work.