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Social Responsibility Consultancy – SA 8000

Corporate Social Responsibility: Social Report, SA 8000 Certification, Social Marketing, Charter of Values and Code of Ethics, AccountAbility 1000 …

Our interventions can be varied on a topic that embraces many aspects.

Some examples:

Action to raise awareness of senior management at CSR, familiarization with tools of social responsibility

Consulting for construction and drafting:

  • ethical code
  • charter of values
  • mission of the organization

Consulting with implementation and use of a Social Statement:

  • implementation of indicators and parameters
  • their compilation and monitoring
  • evaluation of their performance in CSR

Consultancy in the activity of reporting; writing:

  • social report
  • mission report

Projects of cause-related marketing:

  • definition of business goals
  • identification of a cause-profit fair to the goals and the corporate image
  • campaign Co-ordination with identified partners
  • balance sheet and feedback at the end of the project

Company foundation

  • defining the organization’s goals
  • identification of the most appropriate project
  • assistance in the preparation of statutes, regulations of the foundation

Program for employees
Complete management of projects ranging from community day (single day involving employees in the creation of a task against a nonprofit organization) in long-term projects.

Consulting for the implementation of:

  • SA8000 Certification
  • Models of Social Responsibility according to ISO 26000
  • AccountAbility 1000