Consulting and Training Safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Privacy, Environment and Organizational Models

Cloud Frareg

Frareg has developed a web-based program to manage workplace safety and health documentation to enable companies to constantly monitor the activities of the security area and medical education.


  • The program records the customer information:
  • The company’s masterpiece;
  • Employees, mansion;
  • Scheduled visits and their expiration;
  • Courses run and to be performed.


  • Subsequently, they are elaborated:
  • Appointments of doctors, fitness;
  • Work schedules and doctorates at the doctors and the company;
  • Attestations of training courses


  • The program allows importing and exporting data in Excel format and can then be interfaced with internal resources to the client company (SAP, …).
  • The program can be read to the customer for the information permitted by law. The program has a https: // certificate. The FRAREG property program can be customized as needed.
  • Cloud Frareg manages the following macro areas:
  • Management – company management – Multi-site management – business document management
  • Security – Occupational Safety Management, Risk Assessment Documentation, Appointments, Maternity, etc. – Survey Statistics
  • Medicine Healthcare Management – Single Employee Management – Expired Statistical Exam statistics
  • Training – Management of training courses – Management of attested courses conducted – statistics on training standards

Computer interface

  • Identification of the user by password. Access can be for an operating unit, for a unit group, or for the entire company.
  • The program also allows you to manage more than one social region;
  • From the social region, access to the list of locations is available.
  • Business Document Management
  • Archiving of all documents (DVRs, meeting minutes, …); Upload is allowed both to Frareg and to the customer.
  • In this way, the customer can have the latest documents in check and can download them when needed.



  • Management of Health Surveillance List of all employees, with the job, and the next visits to be made.
  • Past visits statistics
  • Report, for each site, about past visits.
  • Single employee management
  • Employee identification card; Historical visits; Fitness test in “Attachments and Documents”.
  • Survey stats
  • Survey visits reports updated every day



  • Management training courses
  • Archiving documents relating to employee training
  • Certified courses
  • Courses to be performed or already performed by an employee with relative dates
  • Certificates
  • Each night, the platform interface with the DOCEBO online course management program, and generates an attestation of courses conducted in e-learning.
  • Possibility to upload attestations of previous courses
  • Statistics on training standards