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Games of Safety: games to learn

Games to learn / Games that raise awareness

Frareg, which has been involved in training on health and safety in the workplace for 30 years, has decided to “get involved” and open its doors to some great news in the field of training!

It is recognized that promoting occupational health and safety training within companies is increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, the most frequent idea is that a training course on workers’ health and safety in the workplace is something superfluous and useful only to avoid sanctions. Usually it is the worker himself who does not perceive training as their right and is convinced of entering the classroom only to “waste time”.

The idea that it is actually a real opportunity for themselves and for the company is still understood by few. Indeed, to ensure that training can help workers to have a correct perception of occupational risks and to change their behaviour, it is necessary that they themselves are REALLY passionate about safety.
A safety course must be an experience, a moment made up of emotions, so that workers can live it with passion, certainly not for obligations and prohibitions, but for themselves and their lives.

So what better than a healthy competition, the identification of a role to create involvement and passion among people?!? Let’s get the workers involved!

Frareg therefore proposes itself as an innovative training center where an “active” style of learning is adopted in which the worker assumes a fundamental role and the trainer becomes a real guide.

Our new goal is to use the game as a real and serious awareness and prevention tool. In fact, it is recognized that after training of this type it will no longer be necessary to force workers to do something, because they will be the ones who want to do it, who want to apply those rules that allow them to fully live a safe working life.

Involvement, participation, creativity and motivation are all the ingredients we will put to use!
At this point, all you have to do is get in the game!

Classroom Training

Frareg offers its clients a complete and certified training proposal as well as the possibility of conducting courses throughout the territory and in foreign languages as required. It employs more than 100 trainers with specific skills and diplomas as required by the State Status Agreement.

Frareg performs all his courses on certified standards, is accredited by the Lombardy Region as a training institution for higher and continuing education – as required by the State State Accord – in order to be able to undergo specific training such as training of security actors in the company.