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Outsourced Health and Safety Management

Italian Legislation Decree 81/08 art. 17, paragraph 2, expects the employer to appoint a person in charge of Health and Safety, Prevention and Protection (HSE – Health  & Safety Executive), in order to handle all aspects regarding fulfillment and improvement of Occupational Safety and Health.


  • Customized analysis of the requirements according to the guidelines for the process management
    The customer will be provided with an analysis of basic requirements of Health and Safety pertaining to the workplace in the company as required by the guidelines for Safety Management System
  • External appointment as Health and Safety Manager
    In case Frareg takes the responsibility as external Health and Safety Manager, all the procedures for the designation will be carried out.  The customer will be given a copy of the same form of designation  together with the résumé of the H&S Manager in which specifications required by law are stated.
  • Management of relations with the supervisory bodies

    In the case of audits carried out by Italian official supervisory bodies, Frareg experts will support the customer in the management of the inspection
  • Update of the risk assessment document and other documents related to the safety management
    Frareg experts will carry out the update of the risks assessment document and all other documents related to safety management through inspections. Workplaces, equipments will be checked as well
  • Periodic meetings and inspections
    According to the requirements and needs of the company, we will agree with the customer to plan periodic meetings and inspections to the workplace.
  • Annual Health Safety meeting between the employer, Health & Safety Manager, Safety Employees’ Representative and Occupational Doctor
    As required by Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008, for companies over 15 employees, an annual meeting is compulsory between the safety representatives (SR): the Employer, the Health & Safety Manager, the Safety Employees’ Representative and the Occupational Doctor (if requested), during which, the most important issues for the company, in terms of Health and Safety in the workplace, will be discussed.
  • Coordination with the activities carried out by the Occupational Doctor
    Frareg experts will take care of managing relations with the Occupational Doctor (who can be provided directly by Frareg), identifying with him what may be the possible shortcomings and points to strengthen within the company
  • Access to Frareg cloud Safety Management System
    Frareg offers to all its customers with consulting contract access to its cloud Safety Management System. Through the platform, the customer remains in permanent contact with Frareg and find all its Safety documents uploaded. Moreover, the customer accesses to an updated situation on the training of its employees and on the occupational medicine.
  • Systematic consultation in the case of purchases of new material whose characteristics affect Health, Safety and Ergonomics
    In case of new material purchase, at your request, Frareg put at your disposal an expert in ergonomics to help the furniture choices and work equipment most suitable.
  • Helpline for any safety issue
    Frareg staff is available to its clients to clarify any doubts or to provide information about the safety of the workplace, machinery, equipment, personnel safety and all the issues related to this.
  • Risk assessment document for pregnancy
    As required by Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 one of the duites of the employer is to carry out the risk assessment of female workers’jobs and inform them what they should do in case of pregnancy and possible risks they are exposed to.
  • Procedures for the management of contracts
    As required by Decree Legislative 81/2008, the employer must manage the relations with suppliers to ensure that people who work in the worksite or in other companies’ worksites are safeguarded. Requirements of workplace environment, worksites and equipments comply with those required by the law.
  • Documents for Safety Management (registers, forms, …)
    The customer will be given suitable forms as well as electronic forms for management of administrative files for daily and annual surveillance of workplace safety.