Consulting and Training Safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Privacy, Environment and Organizational Models

Basic Consulting on Privacy and Data Security

An initial intervention targeted to the fulfillment of all obligations related to privacy and data security, in particular, drafting letters, inquiry letters and Privacy and Security Policy.

  • Census of the type of processed data and their storage areas (databases, type of treatment, and charge authorizations for treatment);
  • Identification of responsible people;
  • Identification of categories you are interested in and advice for writing letters of consent and information related to data processing;
  • Verification of conformity of the minimal security measures applied by your company in compliance with what is expected from legislation/regulations in force;
  • Carrying out risk assessment on the treatment of databases with particular attention to the risks of data loss, unauthorized access and non conforming treatment.
  • Keeping under Control access to computer systems (passwords and other authentication systems);
  • Antivirus management;
  • Software controls;
  • Tools for data (backup);
  • Physical Security (intrusion, places of storage, …);
  • Proposal for improving programs.
  • Privacy and Data Security Policy;
  • Letters and inquiry letters;
  • Attachments to the policy document;
  • Records;
  • Informative material.