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Food Safety ISO 22000 Consulting

Frareg srl offers consultancy on certification of Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000, BRC Certification, IFS Certification, EUREP GAP, EFSIS)

ISO 22000 standards with other BRC, IFS, EUREP GAP and EFSIS standards are the new world standards for hygiene and food safety. These standards define the requirements and parameters that agri-food companies must respect to ensure that food products have high standards of hygiene. This type of certification for food companies is an indispensable standard for becoming a supplier of Retail outlets.

In order to implement a Food Safety Management system, it is necessary to intervene in different phases.

The following are the main steps that are required for companies to qualify for ISO 22000 certification.

  • In-depth technical and organizational analysis of the Food Safety Management System with reference to ISO 22000 standard
  • Analysis of business activities that can have a significant impact on production
  • Implementation of the Food Safety Management System, with the preparation of Manuals, Procedures, Instructions and Modules in accordance with ISO 22000
  • Training on food hygiene. Once the Food Safety Management System has been developed, it will be necessary to inform all the staff to involve them in carrying out their work, ensuring that the procedures that are identified are used to carry out constant monitoring of all business procedures. At this point the system starts to be applied; Following a small period of system test, a visit will be made to check how the system is being applied and difficulties have arisen in taking the system as a system for checking the work done. Following this verification, a feedback report will be made and a management plan will be drawn up to improve and provide objectives for each proposed activity.
  • Internal Audit Activities of the Food Safety Management System.
  • Presence during the Visit of the Certification Body. This is the last step required for ISO 22000 certification companies and is carried out by an accredited body outside Frareg. Certification is issued following an on-the-spot check. System compliance is released in case of a positive outcome compared to the requirements of the entity.
  • Food Safety Management System Manual. The Handbook is a consultation document that explains to the user how the system has been managed and organized, what is composed and what are the business goals of adopting a Food Security Management System.
  • Procedures. Procedures are the part that most enters into what business activities are: in fact, it is expected that for every significant business activity a procedure will be developed that manages it.
  • Operating Instructions. The operating instructions are set up if the task of a procedure is too complex: then, to help the operator perform his function, an operating instruction is described, describing step by step what are the tasks to do and how to do it.
  • Forms. Forms are the most lively part of the system: it is the one that needs to be applied daily to manage and control business activities.

For companies that want to apply for ISO 22000 Food Certification, BRC Certification, IFS Certification, EUREP GAP, EFSIS, Frareg is a professional and qualified consultant.