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Occupational Hygiene Surveys

For Occupational Hygiene refers to the science that governs the monitoring of all the environmental factors of purely physical and chemical nature that are found in the workplace, especially of industrial, which can also compromise irreversibly the health and safety of workers directly involved.

Frareg S.r.l. supports companies with a risk assessment system essentially including the following assessments:

  • Noise measurements in the workplace as required by law;
  • Noise measurements to make a trial test on machine noise according to ISO 3746;
  • Vibration control according to the law;
  • Measurements of identified environmental pollutants such as dust, solvents, non organic acids;
  • Indoor air quality measurements;
  • Measurement of radon in the workplace environment;
  • Drafting of risk assessment from exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents with references to limits arising from national legislation and international standards;
  • Microorganism measurements (bacteria and mold) airborne;
  • Measurements of asbestos fibers in work place environments;
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields in the workplace in accordance with European Directive 2004/40 / EC and Italian Legislative Decree 257/07;
  • Assessment of exposure to formaldehyde
  • Microclimate measurements : temperature, humidity, air speed and assessment of comfort index (Fanger).

All above listed assessments and measurements are carried out by qualified technicians with calibrated and certified instruments.