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ETUC/ETUI-REHS Conference on workers’ representation in health and safety at work

Pubblichiamo di seguito gli atti della Conferenza internazionali dei Rappresentanti dei lavoratori per la sicurezza europei tenutasi a Brussels gli scorsi 11 e 12 febbraio 2008. Tutti i documenti e presentazioni sono in inglese:

Press release

Welcome and opening Statement
Philippe Pochet, General Director of the ETUI-REHS

The importance of safety reps in the OSH strategy
Laurent Vogel, ETUI-REHS

Factors of effectiveness for safety reps’ intervention (a report from EPSARE research project)
Joan Benach, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
Maria Menéndez, Comisiones Obreras, Spain

Safety reps interventions at the workplace

National reports
Data from the Belgian survey: how can this experience contribute to a European Trade Union monitoring tool
Marianne De Troyer, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

How Health and Safety Committees contribute to prevention at the workplace. Data from the French surveys
Thomas Coutrot, Working Conditions Department, DARES (Research Centre of the French Ministry of Employment)

Trade Union strategy and the networking of safety reps

National reports
Lessons from the British experience: What works? The evidence and its implications
David Walters, Work Environment Research Centre, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Does worker participation improve health and safety? Findings from the Netherlands
Jan Popma, University of Amsterdam

The role of workers representatives for health and safety. Findings from Italy
Davide Dazzi, Fondazione Istituto per il Lavoro, Italy

Safety reps influence on the trade union strategy and on collective bargaining

Round Table

  • Giovanni Berlinguer, European Parliament
  • Walter Cerfeda, ETUC
  • Kris De Meester, BusinessEurope
  • Bo Johansson, SALTSA
  • Maria Teresa Moitinho, European Commission
  • Brenda O’Brien, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Bilbao

Marc Sapir, Director of the Health and Safety Department, ETUI-REHS