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CSR Glossay

The CSR Glossary is a product of the Pilot Project “CSR/SMEs – Promoting Social Responsibility in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, supported by the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci Program.

This document reflects only the views of the authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

You can find more information about the project at the partners’ websites or contact them by e-mail at:


This CSR Glossary contains 182 entries, divided in 12 different subjects.
In the items where we indicate 2 different sources, the first one is the original source and the one between brackets is the source from where the chosen definition was taken.
Whenever possible, we also present the websites from where the definitions were taken and websites related to each one of the items. We believe this will give the users access to lots of extra information and encourage them to proceed with further research.

List of Subjects

A)[BE]	Business Ethics (12 items)
B)[CI] 	Community Involvement (10 items)
C)[CSRF] 	CSR Framework (20 items)
D)[Env] 	Environment (18 items)
E)[HR] 	Human Rights  (15 items)
F)[HRM] 	Human Resources Management (11 items)
G)[HSW] 	Health and Safety at Work (13 items)
H)[LLE] 	Lifelong Learning / Employability (21 items)
I)[OIG] 	Organisations / Initiatives / Guidelines (23 items)
J)[SAR] 	Standards, Auditing and Reporting  (24 items)
K)[SPC] 	Sustainable Production / Consumption (7 items)
L)[SRI] 	Socially Responsible Investment  (8 items)

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Glossary (by subject)
Glossary (alphabetic order)